1. In this new series we will be regularly interviewing fans during the tour to ask them about their personal experiences. Today we have an interview with ahn1991, who attended the Los Angeles shows on 20 and 21 May.

    " I felt it was a combination of U2's stellar performances"

    Tell us something about your spot: standing or seating in the venue and how were the other fans?
    I had seats on the right side near the stage on my first night and in the second night I had a GA spot right by the B-Stage. The fans at both shows were amazing. The Rose Bowl presents an environment that is very favorable for tailgating, so there was a lot of opportunities for fan mingling before the show.

    Can you tell us the single best performance of the two nights, and why that is?
    I think the best performance between the two nights is Bad on night 2. Bad is one of my all time favorite songs and this weekend was my first time experiencing Bad live.

    Did U2 live up to your expectations?
    U2 absolutely lived up to my expectations and then some. This was my 3rd tour seeing them perform and every time they bring something new to the table. This time I felt it was a combination of U2's stellar performances and the creative team's ability to utilize the stage to enhance the experience of each song. This show is incredibly political yet Bono does the least amount of talking we've seen recent tours. This is certainly due to the album's political nature, but also the creative team's excellent use of media.

    Any thoughts about the setlist? What do you think about "A Sort Of Homecoming"?
    I do believe the setlist is short compared to what we are used to seeing from U2, but I believe it serves its purpose of highlighting the Joshua Tree album set, which serves as the centerpiece and crown jewel of the show. A Sort Of Homecoming is a fantastic song and this arrangement is amazing and high energy. The only song I truly believe to be a miss is Beautiful Day. I like the idea of having the song in the set, but this particular arrangement seems lost to me.

    What are your thoughts on the JT30 tour so far?
    I believe the JT30 Tour has done exactly what it has set out to do by my expectations. It would be nice to see more new songs and a longer set, but for the purpose of highlighting The Joshua Tree in a fresh light, this show is a massive success.

    Thanks ahn1991!