1. Hi there I'm josh, I'm new here so thought id say hi. Big U2 fan following in my dads footsteps (Im named after the Joshua Tree) thought id take the time to say hi and join here to meet more fans and make some new friends also going to my first concert abroad this year as I'm working in spain so be nice to chat to some people who are going to the barcelona gig. hope everyone is well and nice to meet you all.
  2. Hello there ,welcome to the best U2 site and family on the internet!
  3. Welcome!
  4. Hi Joshua! Welcome to the site! How has Spain been treating you? Have you learned Spanish already?
  5. Hiya no my spanish learning is very slow haha working as a singer in an all english guest hotel so get very lazy need to start learning it really haha. looking forward to my first concert abroad should be good fun and very hot i imagine haha!
  6. Hi and welcome!
  7. Hi Joshua !