1. Originally posted by u2opra:1990-01-10: Sportpaleis Ahoy - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Bad / All I Want Is You (snippet) / Norwegian Wood (snippet)

    Good sound for the time. Might not be as clear as others, but it's definitely my favourite version of Bad. The passion and energy in this performance is amazing. Also Bono really pushes his voice and manages to find something special. Definitely worth a listen.
    This one definitely ticks all of the boxes.
  2. Denver 87 from Rattle & Hum
    Everything is on fire with this version
  3. Love the Point Depot version New Years Eve 89
  4. This is going to be a fun project Edge's crescendo in that song gives me chills every time. I have 2 or 3 live versions but lately I've been craving more. Thank you all!
  5. 1985-02-05 - Bologna, Italy - Teatro Tenda

    12 minute version of Bad with 4 snippets. And the boot available on here is really decent sounding
  6. The Wide Awake In America version for me every time but I've always loved Bad from Stockholm Globe Arena Stockholm 11 06 1992.
    Just wish one day they'll release that gig. I know they won't but hey dream out loud.
  7. Well, a lot of great performances... but some with great audio and performance at same time...

    1992-05-22 Milan, Italy: Very good audio for audience bootleg, Edge's guitar at the end is kinda different than usual, and So Cruel snippeted

    2005-05-09 Chicago, Illinois: Another very good audience record... Bono's voice was very good here

    2010-09-23 Brussels, Belgium: The best source for this is Abisu Reködo... the mix of IEM's and audience... perfect... you can hear Bono with guitar at end (maybe a not listed snippet of Unknown Caller)

    2015-07-11 Boston, Massachusetts: A very good performance on tribute of Live Aid performance

    2015-09-13 Amsterdam, Netherlands: Bad into 40 (snippet) into 40 (full)
  8. Anybody know which show this is by the way ?