1. Ok, it's taken ... well, "some time". But life gets in the way, you know?

    Without further excuses ado, here is this year's ballot.


    -NO PUBLIC VOTES WILL BE COUNTED, only by PM to MattG or LikeASong.
    -You can vote for ALL 19 awards or just for A FEW of them, it's up to you.
    -You can not vote for more than ONE PERSON for each award - only the first person mentioned will get the vote.
    -It might seem obvious, but just in case: only one submission per user. Matt and me will be cross-checking them so no duplicates allowed!


    Prom Queen
    The female boarder who is the all-around queen of U2start!

    Prom King
    The male boarder who is the all-around king of U2start!

    WTF Poster
    ...Wait....what did that person just say?!

    Most Consistent High-Quality Poster
    Who has the best ratio of GOOD posts : ACTUAL posts?

    Best taste in music
    Which boarder demonstrates the best-spanning taste of music?

    Most questionable taste in music
    Which boarder makes you shake your head when you read what they're listening to?

    Newcomer of the year
    Who has appeared since our last round of U2start Awards that you most enjoy seeing around the forums?

    Lifetime achievement award
    Which boarder (who has been here for years upon years) seems to have achieved the most here at U2start?

    Funniest poster
    Whether it's irony, sarcasm or plain genuine humour - who makes you laugh out loud?
    Best avatar
    Self explanatory.

    Username you don't understand
    Some are easy to get... but others leave you guessing!

    Village Drunk
    Who dominates The Drunk Thread?

    Prediction King / Queen
    Which user has the most accurate crystal ball? Whether its setlists or football, who knows it best?

    Most Likely to Actually Be The Edge
    We know he sniffs around the fan sites...which account on U2start do you think belongs to Edge himself?!

    Sons Of The Disappeared
    That dude or dudette who was around every day some time ago but now is nowhere to be seen.

    The Stuck In A Moment Award
    For that member who's still living in 1998 and hasn't got past POP's last track.

    The Einstein Award
    That member who seems to genuinely know everything.

    The Positivity Award
    Finally, who always has a smile on their face?

    Which user is actually U2's biggest fan?


    Who'll become this?

    Let the fun start!

  2. I'm gonna have to ramp up my drunk posting to be considered for...well, a few of these.
  3. When's the last day to vote for this?
  4. This is gonna be fun
  5. I'm already pondering which among you shall live and die by MY VOTE! MWAHAHAHA!
  6. 3rd Annual Awards