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    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: What is, of these songs, your favourite Joshua Tree 2017 live performance?
    - Running To Stand Still
    - Red Hill Mining Town
    - In God's Country
    - Trip Through Your Wires
    - One Tree Hill
    - Exit
    - Mothers Of The Disappeared
    - I haven't heard these live yet in 2017

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  2. I haven't heard these live yet in 2017
  3. I think I'll wait til I've been to see it in person before voting but I'm already almost certain it's going to be One Tree Hill, feel like I can really relate to it more than ever with bono's talking pre song.
  4. from what I've seen and heard from bootlegs and videos - it must be Exit... amazing performance
  5. EXIT
    hands down.
    ...the most dynamic Bono who assumes a character and acts a part. The guitar is mind-blowing and the visuals amazingly trippy!! This is the best song in an entirely fantastic show!
  6. Exit, I love the "Hold out your hands" part, I kinda miss it in the older perfomances.
  7. Exit
  8. Going to hold off foe a few weeks until head in person and comparison to 87 performances not really fair I suppose but more the feeling and impact of the songs really can't wait
  9. Exit. Without a doubt. A darker version of the Mirrorball Man! "Put your hand against the screen!"
  10. Exit is astonishing, but also OTH is working quite well. With a more LoveTown-esque guitar solo it would be perfect.
  11. Exit guitar solo is just too good
  12. Exit in 2017 and Exit in 1987. In 1987 the visual was simple but the Austin Texas crowd whipped themselves into a frenzy from intro to the end. The intimacy of the smaller venue and sold out crowd was electric. The visuals and Performance in 2017 however, are the stuff that make U2 concerts legendary.