1. Thread for funny moments/bloopers that happened at this tour, and the end of the tour (and leg) I will make a compilation for youtube .

    I alreay have these:

  2. You guys have more funny moments/bloopers from this tour?

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    Not Patti or Daniel Lanois joining them on stage
  3. I liked it when Omaima was upside down.
  4. In an otherwise great concert and in fact this song was still performed great Bono makes a rather hilarious mess of the rant part in Exit. It’s around 4.06 but maybe start it just before then.
  5. Bono's facepalm on 1.07. And poor The Edge.. Love is blindness! Nobody want to film the Edge's solo..
  6. To be fair, maybe she knew he 2as about to balls it up! Great clips all, very entertaining.
  7. Adam messing up the end of NYD at the first show in London. His and Edge's reactions were really cool to see up close. Both got a laugh out of it.
  8. Hahajajha. I would've laughed hard at the show. Btw that girl is so beautiful. Omg
  9. Indeed.
    I've sent you a PM by the way, for another thing.