1. A small contest for the duration of a week to celebrate the conclusion of the first leg of the Joshua Tree 2017 tour. The winner of this contest will win the Innocence and Experience fanclub litographs. All you have to do is answer a question..

    The question is as follows:
    How many U2 quotes does U2start have in its database at the time of writing, Sunday 2 July? These are the quotes we rotate in the lower left corner of the website.

    The winner will be the one who either has the correct answer, or is close the most. If there is more than one fan with the right answer, we'll choose a random winner.

    The contest will end on Friday 7 July at midnight (end of day) London time, and the winner will be announced during our London 1 post-show chat on Periscope.

  2. 777
  3. 230
  4. 366
  5. 544
  6. 283
  7. 309
  8. 187
  9. 1000
  10. 196
  11. 376
  12. 203