1. That was freaky watching Love Will Tear Us Apart. I was a teenager in the 80’s. Bono was my hero. Got me through some tough times. Especially The Unforgettable Fire album. Then the 90’s came and my life became busy with work and fatherhood. Now seeing his first son singing that song. And he looks exactly like him. I couldn’t help but get emotional. It hit me like a ton of bricks out or nowhere. I guess that’s what separates U2 from any other band is the connection they have with the audience. The emotion they bring with every show. No other band can do that.
  2. Jeez....... yes! He is the spitting image!
    I'm guessing they will never play a U2 cover though...

  3. I really like this
  4. Now this really is a big tune, impressive something worth playing on the big speakers. More of that, please

    ps: I remember Jana playing the I Want You video to me in July when in Killiney Bray. When I first saw Eli sing and play, I was all like "omg unbelievable, just like his dad". But he is really doing his own thing, which I honestly admire. Way to go, man
  5. love
  6. I hope he follows it and gets big. i can tell he even sounds like Bono when singing. Imagine a U2 the second version, carried on by him. haa Amazing.

    And why has he not been on stage for a song with U2
  7. love
  8. but.........better guitar than voice