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    Tuna fleets is fine I think, cockatoo takes a bit of getting used to but I think it fits the mood of the song a lot better than ice cream sundae does plus it’s only one line in the song whereas ice cream sundae is repeated a good few times, used in the chorus and the title placing a lot of emphasis on the lyric. Not for me but there’s a lot about the song that still has me interested in there future work.
    Well Eli said it was their first song they ever wrote as a bandm they were probably 15 or 16
  2. Originally posted by deanallison:Everything I like about the song is ruined by that ‘ice cream sundae’ lyric, and I do like a lot about the song. I just can’t take a song with that line in it seriously.
    Eli found his Dads old scrapbook.
  3. It was on the same page as Winters "You're like butter on toast"
  4. I feel like the drum machine is straight out of Ableton.

    The whole song just seems very... generic.
  5. the edge has probably given a lot of lessons !

  6. Went to their show tonight in Rotterdam! Good vibe and dude he can sing very well!
  7. Liked it very much tonight in Rotterdam ! Like being in a timewarp to 1980..... Eli is the spitting image.... and the guy can sing!

  8. My honest face...