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    Because he is Eli Hewson and NOT mini-Bono, he has HIS band and not mini-U2. Quite sure he is already sick of all these comparsions to his dad and his band. He's making his completely own thing, very unique sound and surely wants to be acknowledged for this and not for being "the son of".
    I actually love the way Bono doesn't get in the way of his kids... He'll mention them, but doessn't plug what they do... Eve has had several good acting gigs, and Inhaler hasn't been invited to open any U2 shows...

    They're doing it on their own...
  2. Yes, Bono just lets U2 fans do it.

  3. The band is so named because Eli used to use an inhaler. “I’ve never been an athletic kid,” he confesses, smiling. “I had asthma. I have athletic-induced asthma. I can show you the articles; it’s a real thing (laughs). That was my slag as I was growing up, and my family and my sisters would call me that. I remember we were looking for a name, and my sister, Jordan, just said, ‘You should call yourselves Inhaler’. Everybody laughed, but it just sort of stuck with us.”
  4. There are bands with the same name, it's been happening since the Paleolithic. Not that big of a deal.
  5. Right. They'll just add "The" in front of it and all will be done.

    But seriously, an apology for using the name? Fuck that guy and his publicity stunt. If it were me, out of spite, I just might use my deep pockets and let it drag out in courts and let them decide.Spotty little git. Demanding an apology because we happened to choose the same name. Like it's never happened before throughout the history of rock and roll, because I mean, hey - every young aspiring musician pores over search engines to make sure there isn't some obscure band with the same name somewhere else... What a dick.
  6. So they meet and eli says U Inhaler 2..........
  7. "Hey guys, there's some shitty, obscure band called @Inhalerband from Hertford. Let's steal their name, because, come on, it IS THE COOLEST band name ever. No one will ever know..."

  8. Really Greg?
  9. What a cunt... there were a few older bands (or artists) called Inhaler. Did he apologize them before?
  10. In true Spinal Tap fashion, I'm going to start a band and call it "The Original Inhaler" and demand apologies from both bands. That should draw me some international media attention and throw my band right into the spotlight!