1. I also think that Eli's voice lets you hear his father's bono. But it's sort of clear, he's his son. In families, many, especially of course mother / daughter / sister or just father / son / brother, have similar voices. The new song It will not be be like this might be a U2 song, maybe a bit more than the first songs out, but I do not think that Inhaler covers itself with U2 1: 1. They will go their own way. At the moment, I find her a bit rockier, more focused on the instruments, and even more potential to expand Eli's voice. It is certainly not easy to step out of the shadow of such a famous father and it does not necessarily make your career easier. I would be delighted to see and hear them once in a lifetime and envy those of you who will see Inhaler this year. Please take a lot of photos and recordings.
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    No, I didn't mean songs specifically written about them (I think they cringe too); I meant lesser-known songs like UTEOTW, Running To Stand Still, Breathe, A Man And A Woman. The kind of song that's not full-on obscure like Alex Descends Into Hell or Love You Like Mad, but also the kind of song that's not been aired to death like Pride, WOWY, One, Vertigo. I think both the band and their families are tired of hearing those in the radio or everytime a DJ wants to lavish them at a party or something.
    Yeah, that makes sense. Songs written for/about them might be a bit too close to home to be favorites...

    I’d love to know for sure what the U2 families’ favorite songs are. It’s akways interesting when the band answers that question.

  3. Great show last night in Birmingham and lovely lads to chat too.
  4. Great pic.
  5. Probably going to see these in August supporting Blossoms.
  6. Glad you had a good time!

    Eli seems to be the least happy of them all in all pics that are surfacing in the latest weeks... Maybe he's worried about fame after seeing what it has done to his old man*?

    *I mean the part of not being able to go anywhere in the world without people asking for pics, autographs, etc.
  7. Yeah I saw that announcement yesterday. Might do the Leicester gig
  8. The boy has his videoclip now.

  9. Cant help but think of the Blackout after watching that..
  10. This is amazing omg. This is their best tune imo.
  11. Any idea if/when their album is coming out?