1. Originally posted by MartinPhisto:Beware about gold The Joshua Tree sounds like shit, pops, noise. I thought only my copy is a trash but also discogs community said the same.
    It's vinyl.
  2. In this case is just a trash sorry but if you think is normal... haha goodluck to You
  3. Welsh you should listen Pink Floyd - Divisin Bell and then you can said ,,it's vinyl''
    But not piece of shit calling The Joshua Tree Gold super hyper superb fantastic 2 LP

  4. Talking about PF vinyl...30 april the Knebworth 1990 show will be released
  5. Has this topic name always had the wrong spelling of
    Vinyl? I’ve only just noticed.
  6. #VynilGate
  7. Incorrect spelling of an inferior audio medium is on point!
  8. paging @likeasong!