1. Yeah Lidle right 13 euro's
  2. Originally posted by Zwervervriend:[image]
    Lately, i got 2 frames to put a LP in, but i was thinking which 2 i should frame. I want only LP's to really play. Today i found these 2 LP's at a market for € 1,00 each. And as i'm a huge Bond fan, i found this a good solution
    I like it.

  3. Check your local Targets! I got the last one but ATYCLB is $10

  4. Tonight’s offering

  5. I'm just a little guy you'll make me feel so big!!!
  6. I have 4 copies. Picture Disc, 1lp reissue, 2lp reissue and ATYCLB BOX 2lp. But still price 10$ is great for this album

  7. My name is Bond... James Bond...

  8. just ordered it