1. I'm pacing myself.

  2. Children fed.back on the track..u23...yellow

  3. Bowie.sound and vision boxset.
    Not hard to find.but looks good

  4. Simple Minds.translucent.nice.affordable.but i like it
  5. I've created a monster. Yellow U2 Three is very sweet!
  6. Yes...your fault....you picked the wrong
  7. U23? impressive
  8. I have U23, but on plain old black
  9. I love vinyl. I don't have a lot but I do have the 4 JT singles. I'd like OTH at some point
  10. I even gt u23 Black vinyl...i Got 3 versions ( gotta check which )
    About joshua tree i Got a " box " very very rare ( and xpensive ) of the album
    It's 4 x 7" ...i'll show you a picture asap
  11. OTH you mean...on the horizon?