1. ...something soft...

  2. And something....weird
  3. Love the Nick Drake. CRASS brings back memories...
  4. ...and a question:
    Do they own us a living?
    Of course they f***kin' do!

  5. There's smell of fresh cut grass
    And it's filling up my senses
    And the sun is shining down 
    On the blossoms in the avenue.
    There's a buzzing fly hanging
    Around the bluebells and the daisies
    And there's a lot more loving left in this world...
  6. ...as a gardener i tell you that the smell of cut grass is exploding out of My brains!!!

  7. Hothouse Flowers. Beautiful band...
  8. Never Got interested in them
    My friend at the record shop Got some
    The first ( yours ) at 5 dollars
    I'll go as soon as i can

  9. Here's a little nugget you don't see every day...
  10. Don't Know it...but i'm all ears
    I'll check.i'm omnivouros ( in music)