1. I don't take Liam serious, he should take an example of Noel and make some good music and act normal.
  2. IMO U2 is a Rock band. Coldplay isn't
  3. What a twat LG is.
  4. I do reckon that the papers have made the most of it, but there's no smoke without fire. It's only going to reiterate to people what an incredible band U2 are
  5. I don't think Liam knows how lucky he got having a brother as talented as Noel. Imagine what alternative career Liam would have had.
  6. I thought Liam and Bono were friends??? I think all those drugs and booze are getting to Liam's head. Noel is the true mastermind behind Oasis anyways. Liam just sang his brothers songs.
  7. Liam and Michael Aston should start a band. The Less Talented Tosspint Brothers.
  8. If he Got nothing else better to do than talkin crap... Let the air come out of his mouth
  9. I had to do a bit of research there to find out who Michael Aston was but reading into his situation with his brother it's hilarious how childish it all is. Liam and Noel is even funnier because even though Liam is trying to pretend he doesn't need Noel every time a reunion gets spoken about he's up for it and Noel's pretty much saying no chance. Noel will probably reluctantly accept one day hoping that Liam has grown up and then immediately regret it.