1. not at all, just saying the age is very close, i said they are different!
  2. Originally posted by LikeASong:360 was his peak after the 1995-2005 abyss. He started recovering in 2006, and 2010-2011 was the best he had sung since the end of Zoo TV tour. I&E was fine but he had already lost some low range, and now he's singing his worst since mid-Vertigo Tour.

    Of course he still has his moments of greatness (A Sort Of Homecoming, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Vertigo, Exit, WOWY, Streets all have been excellent this tour - bar the terrible lyric changes) and he still has the spark sometimes, but overall he's lost a lot of low and mid range, and what's worse, a lot of timing and rhythm. Red Hill Mining Town (although understandable due to the lack of previous performances and the track's own difficulty), sadly One Tree Hill, Bad (particular performances) and particularly Running To Stand Still have suffered a lot from this in the JT30 Tour. RTSS has never sounded worse (and the 2005 performances were pretty bad already!), which makes me wanna cry since it's probably the song I was looking forward to the most

    I think he has been taking classes to adapt his singing style to his loss of throat power. He is getting older just as everyone else, he clearly can't reach these 2009-2011 tones anymore, so he has to adapt his style as he's always done. He did the same in Popmart, changing and adapting a lot of the verses and choruses to his recently-lost range.

    Another point to take into account is his everlasting bad memory for lyrics. Even though it seemed impossible, well, it is indeed getting worse with age (just as everyone's), and it makes the singing issue worse, since he forgets a lot of the verses and he has to make up for it on the go, disrupting the verse's flow and making him lose the plot (and the intonation) too often.

    So, as a singer myself, this issue of course bugs me big big time, but there's nothing to do unless Bono quits smoking and starts listening properly to the band and his own past recordings

    PS. Oh, and there's also that new habit (since 360 Tour) of singing or talking above the guitar solos. SOMEONE WHO MEETS BONO IN THE UPCOMING WEEKS: TELL HIM NOT TO DO THIS ANYMORE, THANKS.
    I+E Tour was his best vocal perfomance since ZooTV, here's the proof:

  3. Moment Of Surrender on 360, Miss Sarajevo high notes every show from 2010/11
    No i agree with (Likeasong) 360 was the BEST period for his voice since 1992/93!!
  4. Two songs over 40/50... yeah, that's true.
  5. His voice didnt break as much as in that era, he was very good every show the first few 360 shows he was quite all over the place but he fixed it quick! now its good but not great
  6. Originally posted by hkle77:For me his voice dsoesn't matter. As long as U2 play live I will go.
    Once a die-hard fan always a die-hard fan.

    Right there with you!
  7. What is wrong with Bono 2.0? :p
  8. Originally posted by u2_michaelc:[..]
    Moment Of Surrender on 360, Miss Sarajevo high notes every show from 2010/11
    No i agree with (Likeasong) 360 was the BEST period for his voice since 1992/93!!
    Yes, I agree... I remember thinking that in Vertigo his voice was not as good in Europe but then amazingly on 360 it was great, saw it in 2009, 2010 and 2011...the whole of Miss Sarajevo anyone ?!

    I think on this tour (European Leg) it was great in London and still great at the Amsterdam/Brussels.