1. I thought that outro on Little Things was more than a fitting way to close the show. I also prefer the song in general to vertigo and I will Follow, I prefer one as a song but not as a closer and plus i prefer them finishing with a new song in general especially when it's as good as Little Things.
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    That's fair.

    I totally think 40 should be closing all of these shows, so we can definitely agree on that. It's Little Things in particular that I think is odd.

    40 closing a U2 show is always the best . Fans spilling onto the streets embraced singing "how long" , does life get any better ?
  3. Little Things was also a great closer when I could see the intensity of the performance from the 4th rite in the B stage.... quite magnificent.

    Not sure how it would be from the top tier compared to I Will Follow.
  4. I gotta pick The Little Things. Seeing it live was one of the most magical, emotional moments of my life. The perfect end to my first gig.
  5. Luminous Times, in their private secret shows.
  6. none, ik like "40" for this Tour will be nice
  7. I Will Follow, just like Ams 2, so amazing. But yes "40" will be the all time best closer.
  8. IWF was the best so far, but they need to rethink the closer, its been sloppy
  9. Tough call. I like Little Things as the closer, its a nice way to wind down the show. But a lot of the crowd doesn't know it and starts heading for the exit. Tough to enjoy the song when part of the crowd isn't paying attention.

    You don't have that problem with I Will Follow, but you also leave wanting more.
  10. It can only be I Will Follow. One and Little Things just left you a little empty. Everyone was expecting more before realising that it really was over. I Will Follow just takes the roof off and sends you home buzzing.
  11. Don't have anything against One, and it's become a special song for me since I saw From The Sky Down. I like The Little Things quite a lot, specially from the midde on, when Edge picks his main instrument. Vertigo as a closer brings great memories from my first show in 2005...

    But I Will Follow blows them all away. It's always been one of my fav closers from the early days, and I can only wish to see them close a show with it one day
  12. Whats harder the opening song or the closer?