1. What you want it to be? Another full album? They playing songs of one decade only? U2 by Request?
  3. I mean I don't see them doing this again but I would want a Zoo Tv Tour. I think although some of these classics would be hard to recreate it with production design and the songs because they are hard to sing. I wouldn't do them in sequence either I would just have them do a Zoo Tv tour recreated with an added chance to hear the songs like Acrobat, WGRYWH, Zoo Station, and LIB. So similar setlist to the original tour but throw in Acrobat and WGRYWH. Like I said I don't see them doing this but in a world when U2 would do another tour this is what I would want.
  4. It would be hypocrite if they shouldn't pay homage to Achtung Baby, I mean, it saved their career...
  5. Achtung Baby in full in sequence would be awesome

  6. Passengers!
  7. No.
  8. Pop