1. I agree, they probably rehearsed a good bit for this tour and I think it would just take the same sort of rehearsal time to get Achtung Baby played to a good standard.
  2. Achtung Baby wont get a tour, at that age i don't think they could pull off those songs anyway, LIB and Zoo station, The fly . no way
  3. Looks like my post vanished, but I was thinking about a post I made a few years back, where I said it would be awesome if they toured with two different shows. I am awful at searching on this site, but think it was something like the "Two shows in each city tour."
    Night One: Stadium show
    Joshua Tree in full
    Achtung Baby in full
    2-3 take your pick songs as encore

    Night Two: Arena show with crazy back to basics with an almost empty no frills stage that a few trained Cats could set up.
    Ten songs from Night One, but with a focus on any new material and lesser played songs from older albums, like Heartland, Drowning Man, etc...

    Well, to this day, I never thought they were capable of rehearsing that much material at once without a huge diet of backing tapes or hidden keyboard players underground in some enchanted forest. But it sure would have been fun. And this concludes another post by me.
  4. PLEASE DONT!!!!!!!!
  5. if Stones make tour why not u2?
  6. Taken from RS

    RS: OK final question: Do you think there will be an Achtung Baby 30th anniversary tour in 2021?

    Edge: [Laughs] No plans, but never say never.

    Nostalgia or not, I'd still pay in a heartbeat.