2017-07-26 - Paris
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 24
Audio recordings: 1
  1. Hi
    I feell a few motived ( 1st time since 5 years ! ) to create a multicam of this show, + Bonustracks from 25/07 bad and Little Things .
    If you filmed on HD and a good stability, I'm interested in your videos .
    If I don't find enough raw material I will cancel this project .
    thanx in advance !
  2. Good man! We've missed you. I hope you get lots of great footage Bonne chance!
  3. Have you a recording live sound bootleg (26)
  4. Not yet . But Christophe who shared the 25/7 purposed me his recording of 26 if the project ends !
  5. Sorry, I've only captured 25/7
  6. I'll provide an aud/iem mix for that gig, but only if the video editor isn't achtungpop ...
  7. I will synch with an aud/iem matrix, only if made by sharebear lol .
  8. I'll do an iem/aud mix, only if it isn't taped JulienLossless.

    Wait, I got confused...
  9. i Have maybe a couple of Vid ... from a Friend