1. I was just having a think about all Edge's guitars and was interested to see which of his guitars are people's favourites, for instance mine is his 1972 Ivory Les Paul (think Lemon/In God's Country etc etc)

    Post yours here!
  2. I love the Rickenbacker Fireglo 330/12

  3. This one

  4. This one!!
  5. ...

  6. 1966 Gibson SG!
  7. okay... the name of thread is confusing... Should be named "Your Edge's favourite guitar"...
  8. Or we could talk about both Edge guitars and our own favourite guitars
  9. That' s nice
    Bass guitar too?
  10. My fave: Manson MA-2 EVO-S

  11. My boyfriend.i sometimes give him a slap
    Family...work...remains a few time to stay with him