1. That's what I remember. He seems fine.
  2. Originally posted by cesar_garza01:[..]
    I have many issues with the setlist and variation in this tour, but we can't judge the energy at a show just from some youtube videos.
    Larry is finished, doesn't want anything more to do with this after European dates? Neither you or anyone here can know that. Larry is impossible to read. I feel like Larry is a receptacle where we see what we want to see. If we don't like this period of the band, then we think we see that Larry hates to be there, but if we are enjoying this tour, then we think we see Larry enjoying this tour more than others.
    This is extremely well-said, I agree whole-heartedly
  3. +1

    It seems this is a recurring theme every tour.
  4. Originally posted by siblis:After watching the on YouTube from msg and Nassau cool in NY, Bono looked, sang and moved extremely slow and tired. A sign of older age, yes, but it was more than that to me...he didn't look healthy. He looked overweight and at times just phoning it in. Personally I think they will scale back touring a lot in the future or will no longer tour.... let's be honest here Larry is finished, he doesn't want anything more to do with this after the European dates, if he leaves or quits, the band is finished. They will not play or add another drummer back there like other bands have done..... Larry started the band Larry will end the band. Bono and edge may do other projects, but I see Adam and Larry both out if music altogether.
    I felt this way about TJT show I saw, but not about the shows I saw this year, which happen to be Nassau and MSG.
  5. I think it's wishful thinking on our part that the band is happy and content getting along and touring, how do we know this, for all we know Larry could be staying by himself and arriving by himself to and from the shows. Larry didn't even meet or great anyone standing outside the venue, at least Bono and edge did with Adam throwing in a time or two, but ole pieface not even in the area code.
  6. Larry never greets the fans lol
    Have you seen the interviews?
    He mostly just stands behind Bono and Edge
    So that is not a way to determine if he still likes this or not
  7. Does this conversation continue until they do release there next album and tour it or does it stop at some point and start again once it’s released? Lol.

  8. I was right there with you, and I concur.
  9. If nothing else the lyrics to some of the songs on SoE think U2 are winding down. I would not be surprised if this is the last U2 album. I still think they would do one final tour, however.

    "Sometimes the end is not coming, the end is here"