2017-07-25 - Paris
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 3
  1. I'm ok to collect your video from Paris 1
    even if I don't build a multicam myself, I will collect all the best videos, and if 1 guy is interested to make it I will send all on 1 hard drive !
    If not, I will make it but slowly without pressure. It's so long to make that I'm a few tired ! Paris 2 should be ready in 1 or 2 weeks !

    please wetransfer to warzooboy@hotmail.com
    thanx in advance

    PS :LikeASong you can post a thread on U2t please ? just tell it's maybe not me who will build the multicam, but I want to collect all HD raw files to be sure they are not lost ! thanx
  2. Consider it done mate!

    Edit. Done. I hope you get these videos and somebody -or you- can take the time and effort to make a great multicam
  3. Originally posted by LikeASong:Consider it done mate!

    Edit. Done. I hope you get these videos and somebody -or you- can take the time and effort to make a great multicam
  4. Very few answers for Night 1 ... it will be hard to have a complete showe I guess ...
  5. Already send a while ago
  6. yes thanx
    I won't finish it before 1 month at least if not 2, even if few video for some titles ( only 3 for I still haven't found for example ) so it will be fast for them to edit.... not very promising, and yours is a few instable too I don't use it a lot for now
  7. Here's how it will look like . Less good than 26/7, not constant quality ( only 1 camera for some titles ) . I need more HD videos please ...

  8. 2 titles to edit yet . Won't be as good as 2nd night anyway .
  9. Final part

    on mkv 1080 when I will find motivation to watch for it and fix the unsynchro parts ...
  10. it's ready and available here http://theu2megarchive.free.fr/test3.torrent
    thanx to all involved

    U2 - Paris - 25/07/2017

    Multicam edited by Achtungpop

    1920*1080 50fps 10 Kpbs
    Audio ac3 2 streams ( French : IEM-AUD matrix / English : Audience )
    Choose your favorite stream clicking "audio" on your remote control . Or Audio / Audio Track on VLC .

    Raw videos by :
    U2Gigs.com team ( Matt, Stefan and Joni) / Cyrille9973 / U2Edge / Jack Lee / Bernard Dumas / Jolikrapo / Syl / Clemfou
    Thomas D / Coco59nd / Zébule d'Ozair / Fabou31 / Nicolas R. / dasugri / Tony62 / SibTig / Milouze En Live

    Thanx to all !

    + Additionnal youtube clips ( approximatly 40% of the film )

    During Time : 2h09min29sec

    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    New Year's Day
    Bad / Heroes (snippet)
    Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    Where The Streets Have No Name
    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    With Or Without You
    Bullet The Blue Sky
    Running To Stand Still
    Red Hill Mining Town
    In God's Country
    Trip Through Your Wires
    One Tree Hill
    Mothers Of The Disappeared
    Miss Sarajevo
    Beautiful Day / Starman (snippet)
    Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
    The Little Things That give you Away
  11. thanks a lot