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    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: What is your favourite Song of Experience so far?
    - You're The Best Thing About Me
    - The Little Things That Give You Away
    - The Blackout

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  2. Little Things by a substantial margain. They way the band stand in a tight cirlce and play that last two minutes is fantastic. I hope that energy and passion is evident on the record.
  3. Blackout... but liking (not extremely loving) them all so far...
  4. The Little Things!

    Awesome song.
  5. The little things,
    Emotional when I listen to it.
    Great piano, Good lyrics, !
  6. Beautiful Ghost/ Introduction to Songs of Experience ?

    The rest are $hit€
  7. The second half of Little Things is up there with some of their best work imo.

    Liking the other 2 songs too though
  8. The Blackout for now. Curious about TLT album version.
  9. None
  10. You're The Best Thing About Me. If this will be the sound of the new album I might enjoy it.
    The Blackout Facebook release was a disappointment for me. But maybe there will be a better album version, without Bono's distorted vocals and with more melody in Edge's guitar.
  11. I like all of them, but The Little Things That Give You Away is the clear winner. I'd give it six stars if that was an option. The Blackout is really excellent, and I like The Best Thing a lot, even if it's nowhere near their greatest song ever, I find it a lot of fun!