1. Hey U2 Starters! I'm excited to be here and join in the conversation. I first met U2 when some hoodlum spray painted the name in red paint on the wall of my Jr. High gym in 1983. From then it's been a musical journey to say the least.

    I sometimes write about the spirituality of U2 on my blog... among other fun things that make me and other people happy.

    Here's a shot I took at Joshua Tree 2017 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Enjoy!
  2. Welcome Freddy!
    Nice Photo!
  3. Welcome aboard the good ship U2 Start!
  4. Welcome
  5. Hello from Holland, and welcome !
  6. The Moon is up and over Rose Bowl hill Welcome!!
  7. Wow!! That picture is AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing.