2017-10-10 - La Plata
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 22
Audio recordings: 1
  1. Has GA line spawned ?
  2. I'm attending this one. Got my tickets yesterday...So excited!
  3. Think I’ll be staying up for this one tomorrow, off on Wednesday and the time difference isn’t so bad, I make it about a 1am start UK time, (9pm local) . Not many shows left now and I suspect the final 6 maybe 7 from TJT might not appear very often again, some probably never again after this tour.
  4. Might not be able to hear much if the previous shows are anything to go by.
  5. Good point, I forgot I read about the poor mixlrs in Mexico, thanks for reminding me, well I’ll be up at that time anyway so I’ll give it a chance.
  6. Allí estaré,repetiré el 11 y ya los vi en Pittsburgh el 7/6.
  7. Ah, so you were THE guy that attended Pittsburgh?? Wow, respect
  8. That could really back fire if Argentina don’t win. It’s also backfired on me thinking the show was going to start at a better time,that’s got to be one of the latest start times ever for u2 10.30pm local at the earliest probably later.