2017-10-14 - Santiago
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 22
Audio recordings: 2
  1. Really? Missed chance

    I dreamed last night about the Brazil shows, U2 mixing it all up with all kinds of new songs.
  2. setlist with first 18 songs always the same, some snippets and some changes at the end, 4 nights in San Paolo Brazil and it's finished, finally

  3. lol I feel your pain. Luckily not many of these nights left!
  4. The one and only thing left for me in this tour, is hoping that they'll play 40 at the end of the last night.
  5. 4 nights in one city doesn't work well for U2 .
    I'd wager night 3 will be the best night
  6. Thinking of Dublin 2015?

    @Bloodraven we can only hope!!
  7. Might be worth converting this to mp3
    while it’s still up on YouTube.
  8. Hola alguien tiene el blu ray amateur del concierto de chile en blu ray?
    does anybody got a amateur blu ray live from chile 2017>