1. Hey guys! Longtime lurker and even longer time fan here. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia -- but more recently, living in Los Angeles where I'm pursuing music. I grew up listening to the Joshua Tree album nonstop, as my parents were (and remain) huge fans. 'With Or Without You' in particular made a lasting impression on me -- it's such a gorgeous, melancholy anthem for the broken-hearted.

    I actually included a cover of it on my new album which I'll hopefully get around to sharing with you once I'm allowed to post links In any case, thanks for having me!
  2. Hey, welcome!
  3. Welcome! I'm from Europe but spend some time in Canada (Vancouver). Beautiful country!
  4. Hi Canada is wonderful, i was in Vancouver some years ago, one of the best city i have ever visited. Welcome. Frank from Italy
  5. Nova Scotia — California... You're a long way from home! Nice to have you around!
  6. Haha...I certainly don't miss the snow! Thanks guys!
  7. Hi, welcome from a fellow Canadian (Vancouver)
  8. welcome on board
  9. Welcome welcome! Listened to your With or Without You over in the covers thread last night, very enjoyable.
  10. Welcome from Holland Journeyman
  11. Thanks for taking a listen, CMIPalaeo!