1. This is a great song but I'm thinking it might be better as an interlude...make Lights of Home the opener. Landlady --> Love Is All We Have Left --> The Blackout maybe?
  2. wow
  3. This one is good shit. An odd opener but I like it.
  4. Omg this is an awesome ambient style song
  5. Pretty cool song
  6. Great openning of the album... love they have finally some intro style song...
  7. Daft Bonk
  8. Interesting start to the album. Sounds like some weird ambient vocoder-style bass pad thing - slightly reminiscent of Zooropa's intro in parts. Really like it.
  9. Wow
  10. Great album track. Wouldn’t be too difficult to segue that into Streets.
  11. It reminds me a bit of the intro of shine on you crazy diamond. I like it.
  12. great openning track... There's no need to always open with straightforward rocker... (not that I mind those rockers)