1. So far the vibe I'm getting from SOE is that these are all not only good as an album but also really able to stand alone as individual songs. Lights of Home is a really good example of that. Instrumentation reminds me a bit of Muse and drumming is lightly reminiscent of Bullet. Enjoying this one.

  2. Can't wait
  3. This is a great song. A song where it is clear Larry is still in the band

    And the Iris part sounds good, not forced but really nice.
  4. Love the solo in this one...
  5. It's a brilliant song.
  6. You are joking, you aren't so many who have already listened to it! Dont you
  7. A bit 'funky' if you can say so - like this one. A bit poppy yet with a nice guitar backing - certainly two pretty good songs in a row.
  8. This song is fucking epic
  9. Not getting this one at all.
  10. Loving the St. Peter version
  11. Free yourself to be yourself

    A harking back to Iris?