1. It's nice, but not that interesting. Just a beat underneath it. But much better than all the Love is bigger remixes!
  2. I like the Howie B one...good to see his name pop up again, no pun intended!
  3. Rocking along to the Robin Schulz mix today released on Spotty in Australia.
    The will be our theme song for the trip to Europe to see the boys in Milan. Counting down the days......

  4. Can see this being the version possibly being played in Europe
  5. Interesting to see how most of the remixes ommit the "in the rubble of Aleppo" lyrics.
    Perhaps not the most joyous line for a club remix, right?
  6. Listened to this song again recently. And I think Bono sounds incredible on this. His sharper, mid-50’s voice is utilized perfectly and effectively, in a way subdued enough that it can still be matched live. (That bridge sounds almost operatic!)

    Not to mention those strings after the bridge, they’re just filled with life… for lack of better terms.

    I hope this makes more concert appearances… This has the potential to be a true show-stopper.
  7. Multiple Summer of Loves uploaded on YouTube
  8. Four from the latest release and two additional ones:
    - Heatwave HP Hoeger Rusty Egan Mix
    - Hardwell Remix
  9. Harwell one is the worst... The beat has nothing to do with the song