1. When I said do them a favour I didn’t mean they literally just decided to do it as a favour, it’s a phrase. I think they put it in the song because they thought it sounded good but they didn’t have to they had there own song written I believe without the obvious Haim influences, the string version is a U2 song imo and nothing to do with Haim. I meant more as in it did more for Haim than it did for U2. Different if the song was U2’s biggest hit, I do think it was quite well received for fans that do give the new stuff a chance but again more so the live version which was the strings arrangement. So I think even if we’re not talking massive scale U2 will have given Haim more exposure by crediting them on a song they probably already had figured out without them than Haim are helping out U2 by letting them use a bit of their song.
  2. thanks for sharing
  3. Hmmmm....
    OneRepublic : West Coast

  4. Did someone cover this???

    Could of sworn I just heard it for the MLB all star game promo where it most definitely was not U2 singing it
  5. Literally was right above me lol
  6. Jeez at least try to hide the plagiarism.
  7. OneRepublic came up with the song, well before U2 borrowed the hook from it. They offered the song up during recording sessions for Songs of Experience, and both Brent Kutzle and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic are listed as producers on the song, and also listed as performers in “Summer of Love”. If U2 plagiarized it, it was done with permission and with OneRepublic’s full knowledge.
  8. I just don't like hearing West Coast. I feel like if they gave those lines to U2, they should move on. Or at least have started their song with "Here's a song U2 stole from One Republic, we're stealing it back."