1. When I said do them a favour I didn’t mean they literally just decided to do it as a favour, it’s a phrase. I think they put it in the song because they thought it sounded good but they didn’t have to they had there own song written I believe without the obvious Haim influences, the string version is a U2 song imo and nothing to do with Haim. I meant more as in it did more for Haim than it did for U2. Different if the song was U2’s biggest hit, I do think it was quite well received for fans that do give the new stuff a chance but again more so the live version which was the strings arrangement. So I think even if we’re not talking massive scale U2 will have given Haim more exposure by crediting them on a song they probably already had figured out without them than Haim are helping out U2 by letting them use a bit of their song.
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    OneRepublic : West Coast