1. Originally posted by Remmar:I can play the original, and it suits me (voice and volume compared to a briliant guitar (I read about a guitar thread, somewhere - please direct me to it).

    However, just as with Streets*, here is my Three steps for an evening with friends who know you can play U2:

    Acoustic guitar (tapas): lower down five notes

    Acoustic Gitar (digestifs, i. e. after dinner): regain two notes (use capo (cejilla)).

    If Your party is a success / the one You are attending starts to gets interesting, then go for the original tuning!

    For guitar nerds: I alwaus improvize - as a flamenco guitarist - every new U2-Tune in an instrumental way, on my guitar. On a Flamenco guitar, one has the beat being dne over the 6th string and below the first one (ringfinger).

    In order to make a decent, rythmicale accurate rendition of a U2 Masterpiee that is even possible to do, I'd rank "In God's Country" as the most difficult one: drums, base, octaves and melody all in one on one guitar...

    I compare the guitar technique of In Gods Country with late Paco de Lucía's beginning of "Almoraima".
    Your input would me much appreciated here: U2 & Guitar Gear: Q & A

    Excellent analysis btw And agreed about In God's Country being one of the hardest U2 songs to get properly right on guitar!
  2. So I've finally brought myself to watch this.


    It's just as defiant and heartbreaking as I thought it would be. It really got to me because I ended up teaching a number of Syrian refugees who settled in my home city last year and they could have very easily been this little boy.
  3. I just heard Summer of Love over the PA in the supermarket. Amazing.
  4. Heard it last week on Morrison’s in the uk