1. best song on the bum next to Little T
  2. Still sounds unfinished to me. The ending is weird and I think it misses that big pinnacle moment.
  3. Crap live.

    But at least they gave it a try.
  4. Boring song.
  5. Still love this song, probably my 3rd favourite on SOE. Bit gutted I never got to witness it live but I’m looking forward to hearing it on the subscriber gift.
  6. Me as well. I'm glad it's there for all time.
  7. My Dad who's not a concert goer or a U2 fan, at Dublin 4 said "thats pretty crap for an encore opener".
  8. The album version is one of the better songs on SOE. Live indeed not quit well played like also summer of love.
  9. It was a total downer, but nice to see it regardless.