1. Originally posted by cesar_garza01:If you ever feel like nothing makes sense, that you want to throw away everything to the toilet, listen to this song. It really lifts you up and puts a smile to your face.
    Couldn’t agree more. Thanks yet again U2. Just listening to this song 20 times made me forgive and forget the shit that people who I deeply care about have brought upon me.
  2. Some guitar parts on this track remember me of North Star (Transformers version), especially the very first seconds
  3. I really love this one. Very strong Cure vibes.
  4. This song is too good for life. Brings tears to my eyes.
  5. I think this songs placement in the album is perfect as well. You get 11 songs in, already listened to a lot of cracking tunes and you’re almost ready to wind down and then suddenly this thing hits you like a tonne of bricks. Just as well there’s another song after it to gather your thoughts. Very well placed.
  6. Agree with you. Perfectly placed.

    Tracks 9 - 13 are just. Wow.

    Only Achtung has ended this strongly. All the other albums have dribbled away on their second halves (possibly with the exception of SOI, but it's ending is nowhere near as strong as this) with just the odd good song (Breathe on NLOTH, When I Look at the World on ATYCLB spring to mind).
  7. maybe the best one on the album... is for sure the best lyric on the album
  8. Pretty cool sound coming out of Edge’s guitar in this song too. I think there’s either a talk box or maybe even a vocal mixed in with it as well.

    Cool stuff
  9. I'm really amazed by this song... B's voice is so soulfull here, the lyrics are amazing, pretty deep and conecting
  10. Song is way to short. Says get busy living
  11. I do miss the "This song is fucking epic" intro now with the new version of this song
  12. whaha I agree, maybe U2 could release a new mix with its inclusion