1. I was in Madrid the day this Album came out. No publicity: nada! Vinyls? Not yet! At least I bought the extended version whereas I was able to listen to the Book Of Your Heart. I did not expect U2 to come up with such a fine (unfinished?) masterpiece anno 2017.

    Looking at the crazy prices for the upcomming Tour, I still said to myself that I have no idea for how long U2 will continue touring (with grand and imporoved quality).

    The guitar, Bono's voices and His lyrics remind me of The Unforgettable Fire or any other historical stuff. I didn't expect to be surprized, but I was! True art.

    My five cents (no, 473.80€, actually, for two seats + extras).

    I am a newbee as a member of this Forum. This is my first post here. So Hello, hello-o to You all and congratulations to Your correct taste for Music! (I shall slowly try to fill in my profile)

  2. A great first post about this amazing song. Welcome!
  3. From the book of my heart, thanks, jennagirl!
  4. It's an interesting song.

    But I've only listened to it once. I don't think I would intentionally seek it out again. Sometimes, interesting doesn't mean 'better'.
  5. Originally posted by beau99:It's an interesting song.

    But I've only listened to it once. I don't think I would intentionally seek it out again. Sometimes, interesting doesn't mean 'better'.
    Do yourself a favour and scrap that. Multiple listens make you truly appreciate some songs - this is one of those.
  6. Welcome! BTW would love to hear this in the setlist...
  7. Sounds great. One of the best songs of SOE. But I don't think we wil hear BFYH live.
  8. To me this sounds like an early version of Little Things. Drum part is damn near identical.
  9. Originally posted by RattleandHum1988:I consider myself brave for thinking and posting that Acrobat is SUPREMELY overrated by the folks around here and if the boys busted it out live, for me it'd be cool for the novelty, nothing else. It was like Red Hill on the JT tour. For the first minute or two it was like "man this is awesome", and then I realized why the band never wanted to play it.

    Acrobat to me just sounds like a jam (which is in fact where it came from, it's a song based on a jam at a soundcheck in Australia on the Lovetown tour) with some sort of throwaway platitudes on top courtesy of Bono. I'm not saying it's a BAD song, but I don't think it's better than anything else on that album, frankly. The song doesn't really go anywhere dynamically for me, it sort of just starts intense and stays the same for 5 minutes. It's like a live recording they had and Eno went "this is done." Yeah it's interesting and cool, but the rest of the album is so clearly and cleverly put together, and this song sort of lacks that for me.

    I'm rambling, but I really don't think it's as good as so many around here think it is. I'd take the album version of Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. That song is just vibes galore. I know what you're thinking, "this guy is fucking nuts", and that's fine

    Same seems to be going for this song. I love the "sound" of it, but the song itself to me is sort of "meh", and it sounds like a b-side, and I'm glad it was kept as one.

    I was so wrong in this post, this song is divine.
  10. It's never late to acknowledge one's mistakes You've finally come to agree that Book Of Your Heart belongs to the same category as Ground Beneath Her Feet, Crystal Ballroom, Electrical Storm, Mercy and other songs unfairly relegated to b-sides or bonus tracks in the new century while their respective albums are loaded with fillers
  11. Book of Your Heart is great, but I wish the guitar in the chorus was clearer.