1. Vertigo indoor stage

    Had the best parts of the Elevation stage
    -crowd inside ellipse
    -Bono and band using the walkway to extend themselves basically halfway out the floor of the arena
    -One camera on each band member at *most* times

    Built on it tremendously
    -Lights in motion around the ellipse instead of stationary
    -Light curtains were one of their most original ideas ever, and I say that including the claw stage and ZooTV. Gave them the ability to COMPLETELY change the way the show was both lit and perceived (example: lamps descending for OOTS).

    360 in second place solely because it reinvented the modern idea of the PA system, and the screen was admittedly pretty dope.
  3. 360* i felt Like a was ....embraced by the claw
  4. 1. The Claw
    2. Popmart
    3. Zoo TV
    4. I+E
    5. JT2017