1. this one is, of course, work in progress...
  2. Artworks I made or modified for better look in iTunes

    Boy CD2 for deluxe remaster

    October CD2 for deluxe remaster

    War CD2 for deluxe remaster

    Rattle And Hum (I used the original photo shot)

  3. YTBTAM (zoomed from original artwork)

    GOOYOW (zoomed from original artwork)

    Best Of 2000-2010 (old version, I made a recent one with borders who look the same color filter used for All That album.)

    Best Of 2010-2020
  4. Wow, that October cover is a massive improvement...
  5. Great, some really nice ones there!

    Thanks for sharing them.
  6. can you share the tracklist of the best of?
  7. Great work thanks for sharing. I hope you branch out on your own themes in future works.
  8. Beware friends, someone stole my GOOYOW custom artwork to make fake promo CD on eBay

  9. Front

  10. It’s a Career Best Of