1. This time of year kinda brings me down. I was listening to a certain song listed below and have always thought that it is the saddest song I've ever heard. So i wanted to see what are your saddest songs. I'm not talking about love songs that went bad like Taylor Swift. I'm talking about real life shit.

    Nutshell. Alice in Chains. It's basically about the lead singer, Layne Staley, fighting his heroin addiction alone. "No one to cry to. No place to call home." They performed it at the MTV Unplugged concert in 1996. It started the show He looked like he weighed about 110 lbs. They didn't play together in 2.5 yrs before that show. He pretty much became a recluse after until he died in 2002.

    Atmosphere. Joy Division. Anton Corbin using this at the ending of his movie, Closer, was so damn powerful. Looking back at Ian's lyrics make me realize he was a lost soul struggling with everyday life. And the movie helped me realize this. Anyway it is a hauntingly sad song. And the fact that he killed himself soon after he wrote it makes it even sadder for me.
  2. sad caffe' and desperado of Eagles
  3. I would say :
    Lazarus by Bowie.where David is aware of His situation.he's gonna die and he knows it.what's more sad than this?
    And then :
    Little Baby Nothing by the Manics.just listen to understand
  4. Muse - Exogenesis Part 3
    Twenty One Pilots - Truce
  5. Eric Clapton - tears in heaven

    As a parent myself this song is written about probably the worst thing that can happen and you hope never will.
  6. Almost anything by Radiohead. Maybe Fake Plastic Trees.
  7. Perfect Day - Lou Reed
  8. Rest Stop - Matchbox Twenty