1. Cool. I didn't know this ever happened.
  2. That was cool. Shame the only full songs we got were the ones already released
  3. thanks
  4. Very interesting that, thanks for sharing!

    Wonder if he actually did get in any hot water with anyone for broadcasting any of that. Hopefully not, and I can't imagine he would have done really, afterall no full songs were played other than 'Native Son'.

    As well as being a great producer, you can tell he's also a big big fan just like most of us here. When you hear him talk his excitement and passion for the music and the band is quite obvious.
  5. I always wondered how Bongolese sounded... now I have my answer

    Thank you for sharing
  6. Very interesting, muchas gracias for sharing this!

    Since Wetransfer links die after a few days, I have re-upped it to Google Drive where it will stay forever (as long as they don't shutdown my account there, that is ): Download from Google Drive
  7. it seems the same as on the "complete u2" available on itunes when i bought u2 ipod in 2005?
  8. Native Son is the same as the 2004 version, but the clips of various iterations of Vertigo are unreleased.
  9. ok, thanks