1. Tickets will drop the day before and day of the shows in Europe
  2. No doubt. Been happening since 1992, no reason why it shouldn't happen again this tour.

  3. To anyone who has bought tickets from ticketmaster check your email.

    They were hacked and your payment details may have been stolen.

    This is the first part of the email.
  4. Not sure if it's the right place, but can't find any better:
    Anyone else still waiting for Copenhagen collectors tickets? btw. Ticketmaster.dk doesn't have e-mail? just phone number and social media?
  5. We'll see if the resale part which is part of ticketmaster will really be at face value or lower (+fees)...
  6. I expect to see way more Gold and Platinum packages available now. Ticketmaster are just running away from incoming legislation. They will still get their pockets lined.
  7. so all GA will be platinum?
  8. Not exactly the greatest of news.

    GetMeIn and Seatwave were actually the better second reseller sites as you were 100% protected no matter what. Every time I have bought second hand its either been through them or twickets. This just leaves a bigger market for Viagogo to scam people.

    Also, Ticketmaster will just find a new way to fill their pockets, the Platinum and dynamic pricing tickets aren't going anywhere.