1. Get the new ones, they come with a download code.

    I haven't tried a/b-ing any yet. The reissues are remastered, for example by stretching the tracks out over multiple LPs. This certainly has beneficial effects for sound quality over the old pressings if the remastering took advantage of this opportunity.

    Places like www.discogs.com or www.superdeluxeedition.com have some people commenting on differences between original LP masters and the new ones, if you're interested in those details. From what I gather all of these reissues were done under direction of the Edge around 10yrs ago.

    One caveat : mastering LPs for some U2 stuff has been iffy, for ex. side 1 of Son gs of innocence (white vinyl) has some mastering flaws, in addition, the lead in grooves are poorly cut on many (Pop, SoI, SoE). I doubt the originals suffered from these basic errors.

  2. They made the U2 rings shiny
  3. Are the download codes in mp3 or FLAC format ?
  4. Wave format

  5. Actually still quite a need. That pink is a bootleg and is just a taped CD audio pressed on vinyl. If you want to hear Zooropa in its purest form, this 2018 is the best pressing out there.
  6. Originally posted by Fly40:Recordings.masterings are different today
    The old vinyls sound better just because the needle lets the sound "explode" out of the groove.the music has been "pressed" into the grooves just For need of Space.the needle lets it all out
    Now.if we Got ...more Space ( two vinyls instead of one ) that means only that it can't explode out of the grooves anymore.
    Then it has been "digitalized" and it has lost the original analog sound
    That has been explained to me by an old famous italian musician ( Mussida from PFM .progressive italian band famous in the 70)
    I hope i have been Clear in My explanation

    The more space, the better the pressing. That’s why they are putting these out on double vinyl, to make superior pressings. Although they can fit on a single vinyl, they are way too compressed. The double vinyl allows them to breathe.
  7. God damn I need AB and Zooropa asap
  8. Yes! These reissues have a limited run of the metallic U2 on the cover.
    Also initial first pressings of the album had the same and in the very rare out there, an embossed section too like the one i have. Hard to find now!
  9. Go get! Go get! Zooropa will be reflected on as their pinnacle one day. But these two belong together the same way as Radiohead's KID A and Amnesiac.