1. Remastered and pressed on 180gsm vinyl, each reissue includes a download card and faithful reproduction of original artwork and will be released on the 13th April....

    Originally posted by bonou2u2:Already have every u2 album on vinyl including the 80/90 & 90/2000 best off's
    and the u218.
    all i want to know is are all these re releases going to be remastered versions.
  2. I've already got all the originals so what's the point ?
  3. That depends where you lie on the collector insane-o-meter. Some ppl buy every iteration from every country. There is a strong case for purchase if the audio is fresh.

    Actually waia looks tempting as a companion piece to it's cousin waie.
  4. I'm an insane collector.i can't stop
  5. U2 are turning me into one when they keep sending me SOE CDs.
  6. Does anyone else think these LPs are a bit pricey or are these regular prices?
  7. Pricey on Amazon UK or they were when i pre-ordered on Thursday (£65)

    Going rate on U2 official store.

    SO SO EXCITED for the Pop reissue.
  8. What does the POP reissue have that the original doesn't ?
  9. Ok might get it
  10. Achtung Baby was a pretty decent remaster, so I am really interested to know how the remastered sound of Pop sounds. But for me they are going to have to be cheaper than the current prices before I decide to purchase them.
  11. Why is Pop about £10 more than the other two ?