1. What records are selling ATYCLB for £18.99 but there is a hefty £8!! delivery charge
  2. Yeah I'd forgot it was a x2 vinyl
  3. Got Them all pre-ordered ,all I need now is a Record Player
  4. I don't understand why they're reissuing WAIA. Four songs, okay maybe needing remastered but seems pointless. May as well reissue Zooropa and Rattle and Hum. There's loads of WAIA kicking around, just buy an original.

    Talking of originals, glad I have all the studio albums on original vinyl. Don't need to buy these.
  5. That's my thinking Kieran , just seems pointless
  6. Pointless for sure. Especially when it seems they’re skipping right over zoiropa and rattle n hum. Unless I missed something?
  7. Well waia I guess has never been released on vinyl since it has been remastered.

    R&H is held up, we believe, due to rights issues.
  8. Zooropa was bundled with the AB remaster.
  9. Who knows, R&H could be released this year due to it's 30th anniversary. It doesn't seem anything is on tap for Christmas.
  10. RH has actually had a vinyl reissue
  11. Yes R&H has had a recent reissue.not officially communicated.
    For the rest,as a harddiefan,i'm buying them all.already preordered.i'm a collector.i could seem stupid ( sometimes i feel Like ) but i can't stop collecting.could be named madness or Collection.