Experience and Innocence tour
Legs (3): Promo tour, Leg 1: North America, Leg 2: Europe
Shows: 75
  1. Again, let’s keep this ontopic. You are all free to open a topic about copyrights.

  2. He didn't ask me, but my name is listed in the credits.

    Poor form. At least the times I've used others footage (Roxy 2015), I reached out to everyone possible before inclusion.
  3. I think unfortunately this is something tapers will need to accept going forward. I don’t agree with it and it seems like most people are happy to use good etiquette when it comes to this stuff but there will always be people out there who have there own set of rules. I’m sure the bootlegs getting sold are already putting tapers of sharing things as it is and this issue about not asking for permission won’t help either but it’s not going to go away. I just hope the tapers can see past it to some extent and still be happy to provide fans with there recordings.
  4. Oh, many of us have accepted it as a reality that many folks are jerks and will do it anyways. It gets factored into decisions on whether to release or not. But we can still call a jerkface a jerkface when it happens 😊

    Sorry Remy, last post. We should start a separate Vetri/U2brazil/leechers bitching thread.
  5. I wish I’d managed to swing Atlanta. I probably could’ve, really.... o well...