1. We have a new You Too poll, you can vote for this new poll on the frontpage and discuss it in this thread.

    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: How much do you still listen to SOE after 4 months?
    - Still on a regular basis, every few days or more often
    - Less then when it came out, but still regularly
    - Almost not anymore, occasionally
    - I don't really listen to Songs of Experience anymore
    - I barely listened to Songs of Experience at all

    Please vote on the frontpage of the website, in this topic you can tell us why you voted for your answer.
  2. How about an option of "I never listened to it in the first place?"

    (I suppose the last option is similar).
  3. I'm curious about how much a "casual fan" would be listening to this album these days.
  4. I do listen all the time, Pretty much everyday. It's an amazing album and one of my favorite albums of all time, not just U2. I had anticipated this record a lot and it totally delivered.

    What I missed from U2, especially on the two previous albums, were the big choruses. This record has plenty.

    Love is Bigger Than Anything is one of my top 5 U2 songs.
  5. Almost not anymore, occasionally...
    ...and only spare songs. Haven't listened to The Best Thing, American Soul, The Showman or Landlady in months already.
  6. Still really often. I give it a full or almost-full play through pretty much twice a week... Although if this poll had gone up a month ago, it'd be less. I've kind of gotten back into the album again after a break.
  7. just the once since I regrettably parted with cash to buy it, now I don't really care about it, not their best album by a long shot.
  8. I’m listening to a lot more u2 than usual in general right now but SOE tops the list. I’ve just recently made a mock playlist which consists of my Setlist prediction + landlady slotted in so that will start being my go to and features plenty SOE songs.
  9. listened to it once and that was more than enough

  10. Not playing At all...as Said days ago i have to give Space to the new arrivals.i bought "something" in the last weeks
  11. Still listen regularly - more than twice a week. My top song ranking hasn't really changed at all either although Love is Bigger has moved up a lot.
  12. Far too many vinyl records to listen to than get hung up on just one. It gets an occasional listen because in fairness there are some great songs on the album. No doubt it will get a good few spins leading up to the gigs in the UK.