1. Thought we could have fun with this here, too!

    (btw - anyone know how to record upload an audio file of yourself easily? it's required for their site)

    With the #U2eiTour opening in early May, Show Designer Willie Williams and his creative team are looking to get you involved.

    First up they’re looking for your Be Attitudes?
    Your what?
    Your Be Attitudes… inspired by these ones, the lyrics that close out 'Get Out Of Your Own Way'.

    'Blessed are the arrogant for theirs is the kingdom of their own company
    Blessed are the superstars for in the magnificence of their light we understand better our own insignificance
    Blessed are the filthy rich for you can only truly own what you give away… like your pain...'

    Who or what do you think is blessed… and why ?

    Funny, wise, sharp, blunt… come up with your own Be Attitude
  2. Here's mine:

    blessed are the ticket agents, for in their greed we learn the pain of buying pleasure...
  3. Blessed are the u2.com subscribers,
    for they eventually will get their gift.
  4. Blessed are the cheesemakers, for without them no pizza.
  5. Ahhhh. Here we are mocking religious creeds. Kinda funny, kinda wrong.
  6. Blessed are the super VIP fans, for helping pay Guy O'Seary's dog second mansion.
  7. From my point of view it's just a pure play on words - punnery if you will - very much a thing in this part of the world, I'm not the sort to mock, but we tend to like a bit of wordplay in this neck of the woods.

    The film its taken from however is yes an altogether different kettle of fish and is of that nature, though I've always understood it to be more of a playful nature than anything of particularly malicious intent.

    Personally speaking from my perspective that phrase, in and of itself, doesn't mock any religious creed, just some really great wordplay. A bit like the old 'Cheeses of Nazareth' joke.

    Also, having never seen LoB properly - I have to admit that it was Bono himself where I remembered hearing this phrase from. He's said it in concert at least once (Auckland 25.11.2006 before 'Walk On' is one that I know of).
  8. Well, when you stop making fun of religion, that is when shit gets dangerous.
  9. My guess is this initiative will end up in the bin, like the one about ordinary Love...