1. It feels a bit like those old competition tie-breaker questions on the back of cornflakes packets in the 80s.
  2. Will be interesting to see how it pans out. I'm not sure if audio clips are going to work, I think they might be better suited to being displayed on screen before the show or during an encore break.
  3. Blessed are the preachers, for their sermons urges us to think for ourselves.
    Blessed are the comedians, for it is in their humor that we find relief.
    Blessed are the sailors, for their courage makes distant shores come closer.
  4. Blessed is the Pop album, for it is better than SOE
  5. And blessed is SOE for it makes us forgive the Pop album
  6. Almost works. Well, the first 30 seconds, but still a very funny clip.
  7. hey guys

    i'm not a u2 member and i really wanted to share my be attitude
    plus my language is arabic , so can i participate in any way?

    please help guys
  8. Blessed is Remy,
    For he is the shepherd of the torrents.
  9. Blessed are the Lithuanian shopping malls
    For they are the avoider of all taxes
  10. Blessed are the celebrity fans
    For they will be pulled on stage this year
  11. Blessed are the deal makers for their deals are better than the Donald's